"7 WAYS TO" by Tom Van der Borght

expo elke dag / EVERY DAY

18.00 - 00.00

Elk festival zou een dark room moeten hebben, dachten wij zo, maar dan wel eentje die alle zintuigen prikkelt.

The Dark Room is een overrompelende, literaire en muzikale installatie van Rona Kennedy, Fabian Espinoza Diaz en Tine Defoor. Het is een luisterspel waar het publiek in het donker wordt meegevoerd in een poëtische soundcloud. Voel uzelf omringd worden door de kracht van strelende literatuur. Rond The Dark Room is er een groepstentoonstelling van queer kunstenaars. Beide programma-onderdelen zijn vrij toegankelijk.

Strangelove is searching the most passionate exhibition experience in fashion and art this year with award-winning fashion designer-artist Tom Van der Borght. By stretching the critical and existential capabilities of these two disciplines, “7 WAYS TO” offers an exhibition of provocative and cutting edge fashion design elements with contemporary artistic statements.

“ What do horses do when they encounter danger? They run. That’s called instinct.”

7 WAYS TO imagine you are a pony 7 WAYS TO dance on Goa trance 7 WAYS TO transform your mother into a superhero 7 WAYS TO create a cult with your pet as the cult leader 7 WAYS TO do things you actually don’t know how to do 7 WAYS TO visualize everything, especially the invisible 7 WAYS TO embrace errors 7 WAYS TO be colorblind 7 WAYS TO eat sleep breath live life from a queer point of view 7 WAYS TO survive a psychopath 7 WAYS TO live with a body that progressively collapses 7 WAYS TO move an audience 7 WAYS TO do a fashion show 7 WAYS TO make radical choices 7 WAYS TO fall in love with yellow 7 WAYS TO question normality

Bio: Tom Van der Borght is a transdisciplinary artist flirting with the boundaries of fashion, visual arts, illustration, stop-motion video and performance. In his ongoing artistic research process he goes on a quest to challenge normativity. Being queer and disabled himself, intersectionality is at the core of his work.